Mandere Construction and Quality Framing

When you choose Mandere Construction Framing's turnkey package, you will receive the best value in the industry. We combine quality materials and components, efficient management of labor, as well as quality and safety standards that are unsurpassed.


  • Mandere Construction will digitize your entire project and complete an accurate materials checklist.
  • Mandere Construction will supply all lumber, nails and hardware needed to complete your project. You will not have cost additions for materials. Our price is guaranteed.
  • Mandere Construction will provide the floor system whether it is TJI joists, open web or any other product that has been specified for the floor system.
  • Mandere Construction will supply the roof components (trusses) for whatever roof product has been specified.
  • Mandere Construction will expedite all materials deliveries. We will coordinate and schedule the deliveries to coincide with the framing and overall project schedule.
  • Mandere Construction will provide qualified and adequate supervision for your project. We will man your project appropriately with carpenters that are experienced and reliable. All labor necessary will be included in the quoted price.
  • Mandere Construction will supply all equipment needed to safely and effectively build your project. This includes forklifts, cranes, man lifts and any other tools needed.
  • Mandere Construction will complete a comprehensive plan review that includes all architectural and structural drawings, as well as the shop drawings for the floor and roof systems.
  • Mandere Construction will make engineering suggestions and work with our suppliers to determine the best economically way to build your project while still meeting the original quality and engineering requirements of the project. Often we can trim 30K - 40K from the overall cost of a project. This translates to significant contractor or owner savings.
  • Mandere Construction will complete all projects in a safe manner and will educate and manage our employees to avoid injuries or OSHA violations. Mandere Construction provides all safety equipment, ongoing training and safety expectations.
  • Mandere Construction will coordinate with other trades to avoid conflicts on each project. Whether they are schedule related items or plumbing and floor system conflicts. We are proactive in our approach to eliminate normal reoccurring problems within a project. Mandere Construction is a cohesive team and frequently coordinates with the other trades to eliminate cross trade conflicts.
    Mandere Construction is licensed and insured. All cost associated with liability insurance and workman’s compensation are included in our pricing.
  • Mandere Construction is happy to become licensed in the jurisdiction your project is located if we are not already.

This is a 100% all inclusive no headaches, no cost additions, and complete package for your wood framing project.


Liberty Lake Health and Wellness.

28,000 Sq ft Professional Building

Liberty Lake, WA


Liberty Lake Family Dentistry,

5000 Sq ft Dental Bldg

Liberty Lake, WA


Buttercup Housing Development

Inchelium, WA

27 Single Family Homes


YMCA Northpointe,

North Spokane, WA


Freedom Truck Stop,

Medical Lake, WA

50,000 Sq ft


Walla Walla Family Homes,

Walla Walla, WA


Reilly “C” Store,

Deer Park, WA

4000 Sq ft Convenience Store


Oil Can Henry’s,

Southeast Spokane, WA

2500 Sq ft


Carwash Plaza,

Southeast Spokane, WA

7000 Sq ft carwash


Aspen Dental

Spokane Valley, WA

Yost, Mooney & Pugh Contractors


Wheatland Bank Wenatchee

Grand Corner Medical Office Building

The "G" student housing University Crossing
Moscow, ID

Usk Housing


Inland Cellular,
Lewiston, ID

Freedom Truck Center,
Spokane, WA

Trinity Baptist Church

Goose Ridge Apartments


Mangis Residence
Spangle, WA

Davis Residence
Cheney, WA

Ermie Residence Davenport, WA

Broze Residence Davenport, WA


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