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Mandere Construction in Idaho is viewed by others as a company that is financially sound, well organized and efficient. Clients request us because we do quality work utilizing above standard work practice. We are recognized for our abilities in constructing unique and specialized projects, including Hotels, Restaurants, Mixed use, Turnkey Homes, Commercial and Churches.



- 5 - 10,000 lb Skytrak Reach Forklift
- 2 8042 Skytrak Reach Forklift
- 1 6042 Skytrak Reach Forklift
- 1 - Ford Semi with 30' trailer
- 1 - 2 Ton Dump Truck (Material Disposal)
- 1 – Dump Trailer
- 6 - Man Platforms (to be used in conjunction with Reach Forklifts)
- 4 - Truss Stingers (to be used in conjunction with Reach Forklifts)
- 100 - Pneumatic Nailers
- 70 - Skill Saws
- 7 - Rotohammers
- 10,000 feet of Air hose and extension cord
- 1 – 60’ Boomlift
- 1 – 40’ Boomlift

This is an abbreviated list of equipment. We are constantly upgrading and adding to our equipment. Please feel free to call for further equipment inquires.


Mandere Construction views jobsite safety as its leading priority. Accordingly, we have taken several steps to pursue an aggressive, proactive approach to jobsite safety. Mandere Construction provides regular audits of each jobsite and superintendents, holding everyone involved accountable for the safety of the jobsite. We instill a safety culture by identifying leading risk indicators and proactively training employees.

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